Defining the Work Uniform: Business Dress or Business Casual?

Have you been assigned the job of selecting and purchasing corporate clothing for your employees, but don't quite understand the dress code? Don't worry. We have the information that will help you determine what kind of work uniform your employees need to comply with your current business dress code. Business Traditional Dress Attire Have you ever [...]

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Business Casual Attire – Clothing Options For Men

If you are a corporate individual and you have a five day working week coming ahead, you probably must be thinking about what clothing options may be available for you. In [...]

Business Casual Attire – 3 Keys to Putting Together a Business Casual Wardrobe

Business casual is a wonderful idea for people who want to feel relaxed in the workplace. No more spending the day in a stuffy suit. Now you can dress to feel good. But [...]

Business Casual Attire – Business Casual Or Casualty?

After years of running a large department store for Macy's, and providing business-appropriate dress seminars all over the country, I realized that there is one [...]